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Paasche® 22" Spray Booth

Paasche® 22" Spray Booth

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Rugged, compact in size and easy to assemble. This portable booth features galvanized metal panels for easy cleaning and durability. Working dimensions are 22" wide by 18 1/2" high. Perfect for all your hobby and craft spraying. Uses a carbon and fiberglass filter system. It is intended to remove larger particles from the air BUT WILL NOT REMOVE ALL HAZARDOUS MATERIALS FROM THE AIR. When spraying materials that have strong vapors or harmful chemicals, exhaust MUST BE VENTED TO THE OUTSIDE. If necessary, wear goggles and/or protective paint and vapor mask. Comes with exhaust hook up. Equipped with 3 wire cord, 115 Volt fan, 1 phase, 60 cycle motor. 4" dryer duct adapter included. Noise level 47 Dbs.